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  • Nile delta kite

    Nile delta kite

    Double line delta kite and storage bag with handle and hook & loop closure.

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  • Max plastic dog frisbee

    Max plastic dog frisbee

    Ideal for summer promotions or pet-related businesses, this promotional frisbee offers a low cost and fun way to get your message across.

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  • High-five hand clapper

    High-five hand clapper

    Duo-tone hand clapper for making noise and giving applause. Compliant with EN71. .

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  • Crest recycled frisbee

    Crest recycled frisbee

    Solid frisbee made from post-consumer recycled plastic. The frisbee has a speckled finish due to the nature of the recycled material. EN71 compliant.

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  • Cheer 2-piece inflatable cheering sticks

    Cheer 2-piece inflatable cheering sticks

    2-piece inflatable cheering sticks, including plastic straw to fill them with air. An ideal and reusable product to support your team. Each stick has a size of 60x10 cm with a large decoration area. Striking item for creating a good atmosphere.

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  • Taurus frisbee

    Taurus frisbee

    Let old times revive with a good game of frisbee outside. Print a logo on it and get the best of both worlds: playing a game and promoting a brand. The Taurus Frisbee is made of PP plastic and is therefore solid and colourfast. Compliant with EN71.

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  • Garo plastic yo-yo

    Garo plastic yo-yo

    A plastic yoyo – a fun way to promote your brand. EN71 compliant.

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