210454 Americano® Espresso Eco 250 ml recycled tumbler

Compact, double-wall insulated tumbler with twist-on lid. Fits under most coffee makers. The tumbler is made of 100% recycled PP Plastic, and the lid is made of food grade PP Plastic. Since the lid is not made of recycled material it can be ordered in a wide range of different colours. Mug is fully recyclable. The shades of black may vary due to the nature of the recycled material. Volume capacity is 250 ml. Made in the UK. Packed in a home-compostable bag.

Product Code: 210454
  • Solid black, Aqua blue
  • Solid black, Brown
  • Solid black, Green
  • Solid black, Grey
  • Solid black, Lime
  • Solid black, Magenta
  • Solid black, Mid blue
  • Solid black, Orange
  • Solid black, Purple
  • Solid black, Red
  • Solid black, Yellow
  • Solid black/White

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