Srixon AD333 Tour 12 Ball Pack

This super-soft low compression 3-piece golf ball offers superior distance for golfers with moderate swing speeds and provides Tour-caliber greenside spin control that the AD333 Tour delivers. The AD333 Tour Ball Features: Energetic Gradient Growth Core (lower-compression) 3rd Generation SpinSkin 338 Speed Dimple Pattern Exceptional Distance & Tour-Level Greenside Spin Control Core Performance At the heart of the golf ball, Srixon has developed an even softer E.G.G. CORE™. This lower compression ball can be fully compressed at impact with moderate swing speeds, resulting in less side and backspin for longer straighter golf shots off the tee. SpinSkin Technology Designed to improve greenside spin without sacrificing distance and tee to green control, the proprietary SpinSkin™ coating found on the Z-Star, combines with ionomer cover improves friction between the golf ball and club surface, resulting in unmatched greenside performance. 338 Speed Dimple Pattern This aerodynamic dimple pattern combines uniformity of dimple design with higher surface coverage, creating more distance and wind resistance. The design delivers a penetrating ball flight, resulting in incredible distance and superior stability in the wind.

Product Code: PG277

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Colour : Clear