sustainable sourcing

Improving Sustainability

Our sourcing methods ensure that, where possible, we ensure the ethical and sustainable procurement of our goods and services. We aim to ensure that our staff and suppliers have a natural respect for our ethical standards and that honesty and trust remain core to our dealings.  



Supplier's Responsibility

Traceability and transparency between us and our suppliers is imperative. It is critical to us that all of our supplier’s regard sustainability as seriously as we do. Therefore, we have set in place policies to ensure suppliers meet the required ethical standards prior to trading with them.


We have partnered up with DHL as our preferred main shipping provider. As DHL have set targets of becoming more environmentally friendly, it firstly shows their sustainable commitment and also aids us in our journey towards improving our own sustainability.

You can watch DHL’s mission for 2050 towards zero emissions here:



Where feasible, we purchase goods that have a minimal impact upon the environment, both local and global. We are constantly searching for new, innovative methods of sustainable solutions in how we source and consume our materials and packaging. Measures have already been taken in this area, such as shipping orders to customers that are still enclosed in their original packaging, where possible, to avoid additional packaging material.

We have a policy of avoiding the purchase of hazardous materials, which is communicated in the training with the relevant staff of our guidelines.


Our company, where possible, try to source recycled products for our own supply chain such as stationary, plastic bags and cardboard boxes. We also offer our customers eco-friendly products such as organic cotton, recycled material and wood.



Our approaches towards making our sourcing more sustainable will help us greatly in reducing our carbon footprint.

We have a policy of sending orders directly to the customer from the supplier and have partnered with DHL for national and international shipping – this company has hugely impressed us with their policies and targets on their own carbon footprint.

We have a policy to reduce unnecessary travel to our suppliers and customers where possible. We encourage our own staff to carpool and partake in the government’s ‘bike to work’ scheme.